How Can I get a quote?

Just fill in one of our quote requests and we will promptly send you a highly competitive rate. You can email us directly info@exportmycar.com or call us 305 591 7331. Rates are based on distance between origin and destination and also on the availability of drivers on the route.

Can I place personal effects in my vehicle?

The short answer is NO. Most carriers prohibit loading cargo or personal effects inside the vehicle. It is actually against FMCSA regulations for Auto Transporters to transport personal effects inside the vehicle. Their insurance will not cover personal goods and they will not be responsible if something is missing. As a solution we can find an over the road truckers to handle your extra pieces.

Will I be updated on progress of my vehicle shipment?

Exportmycar.com will keep you updated on the progress of the vehicle from pick up to delivery. You will also be provided with the driver’s phone number. The driver assigned to deliver your car has specific instructions to contact you 24 hours prior to delivery.

Where will my car be picked up and delivered?

In most instances the vehicle will be picked up at its current location on your property or elsewhere and then delivered to its final destination. When space does not permit our transport vehicles access upon delivery, we will arrange a mutually agreeable meeting place where we can offload the vehicle.

Can my car be picked up and delivered on a weekend?

Yes, in many cases weekend pick up and delivery can be arranged for your vehicle.

How long will car shipping take?

Pick up and delivery times can vary with each transport. We will provide an estimated pick up and delivery time and keep you informed if any changes.

How far in advance do I need to schedule my vehicle transport?

In most instances it is usually a good idea to arrange the shipment of your car a few days in advance. Most of the time we will be able to pick up within a few days. The drivers are traveling throughout the U.S. and we will try to match the driver who is best suited to pick up and deliver your vehicle.

Will my car be covered by insurance while it’s being transported?

All transport companies we use are bonded and must carry insurance which covers the value of the vehicle transported. Upon pick up the driver will perform an inspection on the vehicle and detail any existing damage. This report will be provided to the customer. The car will be inspected again upon arrival at destination.

What happens if my car is damaged in vehicle shipping process?

Damage during transport is a very rare occurrence. If this happens the customer will need to make a claim with the transporter upon receiving the delivery receipt; all damages should be outlined on the receipt. Please inspect your vehicle carefully upon arrival.

Can I ship a non-running vehicle?

Yes you can ship a non runner; however, it must roll and steer for us to pick up the vehicle. If the vehicle is from an auction and not in the best condition we suggest having the auction shrink wrap or secure loose parts on the vehicle prior to pick up.

How do I pay for services?

We usually charge a deposit fee upon booking (which will be charged to your credit card) and then remainder is paid in certified funds directly to driver upon delivery.